Motor Systems Neurophysiology

Irina N. Beloozerova, PhD, Principal Investigator

                                                                                                                                      Curriculum Vitae 

Laboratory Focus

   One of primary goals of neuroscience is to understand how nervous cells interact to produce global behavioral capabilities. Any behavior is ultimately displayed as some sort of movement: a smile, a talk, a laugh, a hand-shake, a dance, a run, a gesture, etc. Research in our laboratory focuses on neuronal mechanisms that underlay complex whole-body movements occurring in everyday life situations. We focus on electrical activity of nervous cells, because these cells communicate between each other to form motor commands and activate muscles to produce movements by means of electrical signals. Many neurological diseases lead to impairment of movements. Understanding how whole-body movements are produced by the activity of brain neuronal networks is needed to treat motor deficits in neurological disorder and stroke patients.  

      Two main projects are underway:                        

    1. Forebrain control of locomotion          

    2. Supraspinal control of posture

    and Project CAT BRAIN

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