GRADUATE POSITION in neurophysiology of motor control

in the laboratory of Dr. Beloozerova


 To study roles of motor cortex and thalamus in control of locomotion. Experiments involve multiple single cell recordings in cats walking on complex terrains. That is supplemented with recordings of body kinematics and effects of local drug applications. The question being addressed is how people and animals use vision to step precisely during locomotion. Specifically, how the motor cortex and the motor thalamus participate in adjustment of steps in order to avoid or to intercept objects detected by vision. Learn more.

Strong background in physics, math, and computer applications is required. Good writing and programming skills, and some background in chemistry and animal psychology are pluses.

Send CV, names of three references, unofficial undergraduate school transcripts, a list of all previous research experiences, a detailed description of any two of them, even if they were a part of a course work, and description of future research interests to: Dr. Beloozerova, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ, 85013;  Applications are reviewed continuously. 

Please see also undergraduate research opportunities at this laboratory web site, for a list of required qualifications and details of application procedures.