The High School Student Research Volunteer Program is a Barrow Neurological Institute-wide program that allows highly motivated high school students to participate in scientific research.




- Students must have completed their freshman year in high school.

- Be available to work a minimum of 6-8 hours per week during the school year.

- Maintain good grades at school while participating in the program.

        See complete Policies and Procedures for The High School Student Research Volunteer Program


         In addition to candidates who are nominated by their school during the fall nomination season, the laboratory of Dr. Beloozerova will consider self-initiated applications at any time of the year.


Additional requirements for this laboratory include:


- Strong background in math.

- Some background in physics.

- Students should enjoy the feel which comes when one attempts to do something what he/she does not quite know how to do.

- Availability to work a minimum of 3 hours per day at least three days per week (including some weekends) during the school year.

- Be available to work a minimum of 30 hours per week during summer vacations.


Additional benefits available in this laboratory:


- A student demonstrating valuable productivity while participating in the above Volunteer Program can be promoted to a paid Student Research Assistant position not affiliated with the program.

- During summer following graduation from high school students will be able to continue their volunteering or employment in this laboratory.


Application procedure:


Interested students should read at least 2 (two) papers by Beloozerova IN and then send by e-mail to Dr. Beloozerova:

- a description of why the research, which is going on in this lab, is of interest to the student,

- a description of a previous research experience (ANY topic),

- a list of math and science courses with grades (Bs are fine),

- a list of all other courses and extracurricular activities,

- a reference letter from a teacher.